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#TestUpMKE [creative campaign w/ copywrite mag]

Pandemic Pending...

Covid-19 testing is a must to stop the spread. Check out this [creative campaign] for Test Up MKE, a Covid-19 testing, information, and support platform based in Milwaukee, WI.

Using creative means to get the word out to the URBAN, authentic, "minority" and creative community, we partnered in a collaboration that involved local artists, graphic designers, screen printers, photographers, models, journalists and health partners. [We used Covid-19 safety methods, because we are trying to liveeeeeeeee B!]

This campaign features t-shirt designs that include verbiage and imagery that not only reaffirms the importance of Covid-19 testing, but also pays homage to cultural cues, lifestyle and satire. With a graphic tee, a poppin' mask and of course a fresh pair of kicks, we can make being #SociallyResponsible fly!

Spread knowledge. Spread creativity. Stop the spread of Covid-19 by getting tested.


Original art by Vedale Hill

Photography by Destined Visuals

Videography by Malique Savage


Order your #TestUpMKE shirt and see more of this campaign on

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