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NAILS | CW Fashion Feature


"I don't see how she can get her nails so long! How can she do anything with those?! Nails with anything more than color and way too long are so unprofessional! Red nails are for Jezebels!"

Did you know both Queen Nefertiti and Cleopatra both wore red nails? The practice of nail expression goes way back to ancient times. Even these historical icons partook in the ornamentation that is scratched deep into the culture and positive self expression of Black women.

Though nails have evolved overtime, they're still a part of who we are. I fell in love with nail Culture at a very young age. I still remember the very first pair of press-ons my mom had bought me when I was younger. They were from the value beauty down the street from my house and I had begged her each time we went in for this Winnie the Pooh set. The first few times she said no; but I was persistent. I just HAD to have this set. One day, she surprised my sister and I with our own.

That moment meant the absolute world to me and became the catalyst for my love of the nail culture.

The act of getting nail enhancements is much more than just sitting in someone's chair and paying them for whatever they give, no. It's a form of self-care; it's that moment a mother finally gets away from the kids, that, I haven't done anything for myself in so long, that, this is a gift to myself; a pure form of self empowerment.

If you've ever seen a Black woman before and after getting her nails done, you'll see what I mean. The hand gets to going, the keyboard gets to clacking, and she just refuses to do certain things because she just got her nails done. It's nail culture code. I honestly wouldn't have it any other way.

Nails bring women together and is a very therapeutic experience for most. Every time I service someone, by the time we're down, they feel different, relieved, and enlightened.

My prayer is that the culture truly stands the test of time, as it's always been more than JUST nails.

/Jeronica Brister @jbtravelingnailtech

Creatively Directed by Vato Vergara | Styled by Vato Vergara and Kyndal J

Nail Art by Jeronica Brister | Models Sydney Beason and Emerald Monet

Shot by Chris Spencer


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