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The Color Block | CW Fashion Feature

Alexa Play “Hey, Mr. DJ by Zhane.”

The song that highlights the energy we represent in The Color Blocking.

2021 has brought back a trend straight out of the 70’s. Color blocking started during the age of disco by a black man named Stephen Burrows. Burrows was able to spread this trend throughout Europe and the US. This trend has now been brought to life by designers throughout the world.

Color blocking in its simplest form is taking two to three contrasting colors and placing them in the same outfit. Wearing so many colors at once can seem overwhelming and can look messy but Stylist Kyndal J. and Vato Vergara make it look easy in our Color Pop spread.

CopyWrite Magazine invited Funk 2 Fashion created by Kyndal J. to bring her knowledge of style and accessories to collaborate for this “Color Pop” spread. Her jewelry is all made by hand and inspired by her creative lifestyle. Vato and Kyndal approach the trend with intention, giving these colorful ensembles structure flow.

Photographer: ShotbyBasi


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Ashley Marie
Ashley Marie
Sep 10, 2021

I absolutely love all of these looks

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