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SKU: VN0702756B

VEJA X RICK OWENS Hiking Style CWL Black

SKU: VN0702756B
  • The Hiking Style makes a comeback as a lifestyle outdoor-inspired shoe in three new colors. All new Hiking style colors will come with DarkGrey lacing and an extra pair of lacing in Black,
    Dust, or Carnelian based on the chosen color.

    - Upper in C.W.L. (organic cotton coated with a resin from corn starch & ricinus oil)
    - Panels in vegan suede & T.P.U. details
    - Side V Logo in Rubber & rice waste (22%)
    - Outsole is at 53% bio-based (24% Amazonian rubber, 29% rice waste)
    - Midsole made from 54% sugar cane
    - Insole is bio-based & recycled at 75% (52% sugar cane, 23% recycled polyester)
    - Cushion insert L-Foam (30% natural latex, 70% synthetic latex)
    - Lining in recycled polyester
    - Laces in 100% organic cotton

    The C.W.L. (Cotton Worked as Leather) is a vegan alternative to leather. A 100% organic cotton canvas, coated with P.U., corn starch and ricinus oil. 54% bio-based. Made in Brazil.

    The Vegan Suede is Coming from the State of São Paulo in Jacareí, is a 100% vegan synthetic textile and an alternative to animal-produced suede. It is a nonwoven fabric made of microfibers that are needle-punched together and impregnated with P.U. resin. This solvent-free process is less toxic than the ones used to produce classic synthetics suedes.

    The L-Foam is the VEJA Running technology. Made out of 30% natural latex and 70% synthetic latex, the cushioning insert brings comfort and protection against vibrations (30% natural latex, 70% synthetic latex). Made in Brazil.

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