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Scent: French Inhale (Cannabis Flower, Palo Santo, Tobacco)

SOONSUN Candle (Hemp Collection)

  • The SoonSun Home Hemp Collection channels the essence and vibe of a relaxing cannabis high. These THC-free candles feature an organic hemp, soy, and coconut wax blend that collaborates with beeswax coated hemp wicks for a superlatively pure, nontoxic burn. 

    Each high-end fragrance presented within the collection features notes of hemp to complement sophisticated, rich, and transportive blends. Rare essential oils with origins across the globe contain some of  the same unique terpenes found in cannabis that work synergistically with THC to enhance its relaxing psychoactive effects.

    Light one up, and “light one up”.

Order before 6pm EST and get your order shipped by tomorrow

19 Hrs and 57 Mins left

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